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Diversify into Data Capture with Xerox Scanners

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Image Star Webinar

October 18, 2023

Hosted by

Andre Bitton, National Sales Manager, Image Star

Cole Chudoba, Account Executive, Image Star

Saul Garcia, Distribution and National Accounts Sales Manager, Visioneer

Join Image Star for a webinar on how Xerox data capture and management solutions can help your business diversify into new technology categories. Scan is attractive to many dealers as a stepping stone into IT while still holding strong links to core document imaging, and it is a growing space as organizations look to digitize data and workflows. Visioneer's Global Partner Program for Xerox Scanner supports dealers with high performance hardware, cutting edge software, tremendous price values, and robust support.

In the session, we will cover:

  • Why the scan category is an attractive area for imaging dealers

  • Xerox's powerful lineup of scanner and data capture software

  • Xerox's advantage VS. other brands

  • Benefits of Visioneer's global partner program

This is right for you if...

  • You don't sell scanners today but looking to enter the category

  • You don't sell some scanners but are looking for a stronger channel program or enterprise level solution

  • You already sell scanners but are looking for a new brand partner for your portfolio

  • You are looking for a greater margin potential and better coast advantage vs. other scanner brands

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